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Week 6 Checkpoint - The main belief of Islam is that there...

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The main belief of Islam is that there is one God and one God only and that Muhammad was his messenger. Muslims believe that the Oneness of God is the primary point taught in all religions but that in Islam Muhammad is the person that reminded them of this. In the first pillar faithful followers are required to reveal to others exactly what the unity of their religion entails. By following one God and acknowledge Muhammad as his messenger. In the second pillar followers pray reading passages from the Qur’an while bowing and kneeling facing Mecca. Men and women will usually complete the prayer ritual in separate rooms. There is no specific day of worship, unlike other religions who meet on Sundays; worshiping God is an everyday, all day experience. The Prophet, Muhammad, taught that everyone should help other people no matter what religion they are. Thus, in the third pillar followers will donate at least two and a half percent of their accumulated wealth for a year to Muslims in need of assistance. The forth pillar is a
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