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Bonnie Dominguez Axia College University of Phoenix HUM130
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Christianity and Islam are two of the largest religions practiced in the world today. Jesus Christ founded Christianity and Muhammad founded Islam. As the religious leaders of these two religions they laid down many principals to live by. However, Christians follow only the teachings of Christ and Muslims only follow the teachings of Muhammad Christianity was founded on the life and teachings of a Jewish man named Jesus. According to historical references Jesus was born to a devout woman named Mary and her carpenter husband, Joseph. She conceived as a virgin by the Holy Spirit before she had sexual relations with her husband. The earliest available records of the life of Jesus are the four Gospel narratives, which were written by Jesus' followers within a few decades of his death. These records review Jesus’ life and death. Jesus worked as a carpenter in the city of Nazareth. However, he traveled far and wide defying the wrath of the Roman Empire to spread his teachings and perform miracles. He led his followers to experience spirituality that on one had ever experienced before. His teachings and miracles drew crowds, some of them negative. He was warned by the Roman Empire on numerous occasions to withhold the teachings. Eventually the Roman Empire grew tired of warning Jesus and he was tortured and nailed to a cross, where he died. Shedding his blood to wash away all of the sins for mankind. Some 300 years after the Roman Empire ordered the execution of Jesus, the Roman Emperor Constantine became a follower of Jesus.
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Jesus & Muhammad - Jesus Muhammad Pg.1 Jesus...

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