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Axia College Material Appendix B 7 Question Final Project Plan What religion would you like to consider for your final project? Describe the place of worship you will visit. I would like to explore the Hindu religion. There is a temple located in Scottsdale, AZ that is willing to meet with me. What do you already know about this topic? The desire of liberation from earthly existence is to be free from the cycle of rebirth and obtain salvation. This is extremely interesting to me and I want to review the topic more. What resource will you use to find a place of worship for this religion? I used Dex online and located a temple in Scottsdale, AZ What are some sources you could use to gain more knowledge about this religion? I will be researching information on the internet and using Axia online library What type of materials do you expect to review for this project? I will be visiting the temple, a personal friend of my mother, and information obtained on-line
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Unformatted text preview: How will you gain access to the materials you need? I have called and scheduled a time to meet with someone at the temple. My mothers’ friend will be helping answer any other questions I have. What difficulties do you anticipate in conducting an interview with someone of this faith? I do not anticipate any difficulties with any of my resources Create a list of 10 questions you would like to ask during the interview. 1) What does reincarnation mean to you? 2) Does anyone know how many cycles must one go through to be completely liberated? 3) How does Karma affect you? 4) How does meditation work? 5) What does the different style of clothing mean? 6) What are the different types of ceremonies and what do they stand for? 7) What do the bright colors and head dresses mean? 8) How are services within the temple conducted? 9) Are there elders within the temple? 10) How are children taught within the temple? HUM 130...
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