Hinduism Final - Hinduism Pg 1 Hinduism Bonnie Dominguez...

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Hinduism Pg. 1 Hinduism Bonnie Dominguez Axia College University of Phoenix HUM130
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Hinduism Pg. 2 The word Hinduism is based off the ancient word Sankrit, meaning “dwellers by the Indus River”. The Indus River flows through the northwestern area of India. According to some historians, the derivation of Hinduism dates back 5,000 years or more. In early times the river was called the "Sindhu", but the Persians who migrated to India called the river "Hindu," the terrain "Hindustan" (Sanskrit, Hindi), and its residents "Hindus". The daily life practices evolved as the religion followed by the Hindus came to be known as "Hinduism." (Rajaram, 2006). Currently Hinduism is the third largest religion practiced in the world. Located in an upscale neighborhood in Scottsdale, AZ. is a temple called Hindu Temple of Arizona. The Temple acknowledges all deities of the Hindu religion; welcoming all members into the Temple. On the outside it looks like any other business building but as soon as the doors open colors engulf the area; flowers hanging from the ceiling, covering all walls. A warm feeling overcomes all when experiencing the sight for the first time; all of the incredible colors and flowers everywhere. Before stepping into Puja Hall visitors must remove their shoes; this is an act of devotion and respect. There are not a lot of chairs or benches in the main temple area; however, there is a large carpeted area for members of the temple to sit or kneel before the many statues that stand in the front of the worship hall. This is where the interview with Asha Jain, President – Board of Directors, was completed. Once the questions started being asked he was every eager to share the beliefs of the Hindu religion. The first question that was asked was “What does reincarnation mean to you?” The
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Hinduism Final - Hinduism Pg 1 Hinduism Bonnie Dominguez...

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