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In the time of the Cold War, the United States went from being a contender to what would be considered a superpower, unmatched any other country. If the US did not take the leadership role with world affairs, I don’t think anyone else would; however, any other nation that tried could be terrorists, communists, or radicals. Many borders are disappearing and countries are being absorbed by their larger neighbors; rich nations are buying out the poorer nations to given them that helping hand. These could be advantages
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Unformatted text preview: for some of the poorer countries with global communities; many believe that trading will be an advantage. In an economical state, the under developed countries are given the assets in order to succeed, as the industrialized nations can aide these nations with any problems that may occur. This is what makes the United States a great country, we aid our citizens and the citizens of other countries, some may think of this as a hindrance, but others see this as being noble....
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