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McCarthyism wrongly affected many American’s during the 1950’s. Based on accusations made by Joseph McCarthy, many entertainers and other high profile people were labeled as communists or communist sympathizers. By putting them on highly publicized trials, they were pressured into providing names of other communist or communist sympathizers; often ruining many careers in the process. Senator McCarthy’s accusations were proven to be untrue and he was charged with unbecoming conduct by the Senate. The appropriateness of his conduct can be looked at in two different angles.
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Unformatted text preview: Because it was believed that the recipe for the atomic bomb had been stolen by an American communist, there was already a “witch-hunt” being conducted, McCarthy’s accusations just added fuel to the fire. However, the accusations could also be deemed inappropriate. There were already so many more issues that needed to be dealt with the accusations were completely uncalled for. With the communist take over in Russia and China, the United States was already working towards being conservative; President Truman restarted the HUAC to help calm the American people....
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