Week 6 Assignment - There are multiple factors that will...

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There are multiple factors that will determine the supply and demand of nurses. Currently Arizona is experiencing a severe shortage in medical staffing and it is expected to gradually worsen. With the amount of consumers migrating to the metropolitan Phoenix area, the population has increased over a short period of time. Health care will be harder to obtain, costing more to lower and middle class families; affecting Arizona’s economy. Because of shortages for physicians, nurses, and others, thousands of applicants who request to enter the healthcare field are turned away each year because Arizona programs cannot accommodate them or students cannot afford the cost. Nurses make up a majority of the healthcare workforce in Arizona. The current shortage in Arizona for nurses began in the late 1990’s, making the shortage one of the longest in history. The number of nurses has steadily increased but not enough to keep up with the population growth and demand for service. In response to the shortage of nurses the Arizona Governor worked with multiple stakeholders to develop a plan for increasing the number of nurses in Arizona. Senate Bill 1260 was passed in 2002, with the goal of increasing population in educational programs; however, funding was not made available. In 2005, Senate Bill 1517
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Week 6 Assignment - There are multiple factors that will...

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