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When reviewing the problem it was determined that the problem was with the cat. The cat could not be left alone with either the dog or the mouse. The thought process was to eliminate the cat from the equation by transporting it first. But the problem remained of who would be transported next. Trying to transport the dog to the cat and then mouse to the cat; both of which terminated the exercise. Then the thought about putting the mouse on the dogs’ head, about eliminating the mouse altogether, or letting the dog eat the cat but none of these options were available for the exercise. Various strategies could be used in this exercise but of course only one will work, trial and error seemed to work the best. Transporting the dog first eliminated the mouse, transporting the mouse first eliminated the cat. I kept doing the same thing, was not really sure if subconsciously I was thinking that something would change and I would be able to transport one or the other, without them attacking the other. So much to think
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