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Human behavior is a natural phenomenon to most but a source of research for others. By observing human behavior researchers are able to gain the knowledge needed to better understand people and how they function. Learning is a knowledge or skill that is acquired by instruction or study; research on human behavior is done by learning the human functions. One of the greatest researchers on behavioral learning was B.F. Skinner, an American Psychologist. Born in Pennsylvania during 1904 B.F. Skinner became of the world’s leading research psychologist in human behavior. Dr. Skinner’s main research was done on stimulus response and reinforcement. To Skinner positive reinforcement could be proven in learning; however schools used little reinforcement, instead using aversive control. Learning needed to be done in high volumes at slow paces, reinforcement would be considered on each step being accomplished. Unobservable phenomena was not interesting to him; to have a direct
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Unformatted text preview: response from the organism, showing it responding to or operating on, stimulated learning in its environment. Rats and pigeons were able to help prove his theory. By creating the Skinner box, a conditioning device, Dr. Skinner was able to train rats to push a lever within the box to obtain food, measuring the animal’s behavior. By withholding food to a rat and then putting it into an empty box with a dish and a lever, the rat will eventually investigate its surrounding areas and come across the lever, once the lever is found and the rat pushes on it, food will be dispensed into the dish. Now the rat has learned how to obtain food when it’s hungry. Behavior is also measured with punishment and superstitious behavior, when an organism is punished continuously for an action the organism will continue the behavior because of the fear of being punished. Human behavior is a strange phenomenon but one worth researching....
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