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Axia College Material Appendix B Research Methods Matrix A psychologist is planning to conduct a study that would examine pathological liars and the quality of their romantic relationships. You have been asked to provide the psychologist with a recommendation for which research method should be used to gather data on the pathological liars and their spouses . Using the table below list each research method and its advantages and disadvantages for use in this study. Research Method Advantages Disadvantages Naturalistic Observation Observing the behavior of the source and the spouse within their own environment causes reactions to the lying is more natural, impulsive and different. It would be harder for the
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Unformatted text preview: research to be completed; the natural environment does not stop because the researcher wants to review additional information. Observer bias plays a vital role in this method. Case Studies Method is conducted on observation, interviews, and psychological testing. Gives the researcher a more in depth idea of their resource Observer bias plays a more vital role in this method because every person being studies is different. Surveys Provides a broad range of interest on many different topics Does not identify behaviorism. Correlational Research Make your recommendation to the psychologist and explain the rationale behind your choice. Your response should be 100-200 words. BEH 225...
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