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gov't comps - The Law department fall underneath all of the...

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The govermental strucutr of the Gwinnett County Organiation consits of three major componets. The first componet is the Gwinnett County Citizens which vote on all other componets. The next componet of the Gwennett County organization is the Board of commissioners which are voted for by the citizens of Gwennett County. Under the board of commisioners are the elected officials and the judicial system. The electe officials consit of the Shiriff and the Tax Commissioner. There are other board authorities under this title. The judicial system consist of the the court, the prosecuting attorneys and the clerks of court. The performace analysis overseas all of the duties done by these entities.
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Unformatted text preview: The Law department fall underneath all of the above entities. The County Administraor overseas all the duties done by the law department. There is the COO/ Deputy County Administrator and the Deputy County Administrator. The COO/Deputy County Administrateror overseas the community services, corrections, fire and emergency services, human reasourses, and the police and their supporting services. The County Administrator overseas the planning and developemnt of communities, and overseas the county clerk. The County Administrator directecly overseas the planning and development and the county clerk....
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