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GPH 210 Class Notes

GPH 210 Class Notes - -can occur only within the limits of...

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August 22, 2007 Chapter 1 - humans have been on the planet for 100,000 years - planet is 6 billion years old - 43% of the planet is in extreme poverty - consumption and economic growth - billions of people being added to the population in shorter and shorter times - highly developed countries = 20% of the world’s population - developed countries have a slower population growth Primary Economy - agriculture - mining - forestry - fishing Second Stage - manufacturing Third Stage - technology and services August 27, 2007 Chapter 2 - tragedy of the commons – Garrett Hardin - CSA = Community supported agriculture groups August 29, 2007 Stewardship = shared responsibility Sustainable Development - economic growth - meets needs of the present - doesn’t compromise the future
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Unformatted text preview: -can occur only within the limits of the environment seventh generation Sustainable Consumption-using foods and services for our needs-minimizes the use of resources-eliminate consumption overpopulation-requires eradication of poverty o poor need to increase consumption to at least meet their basic needs o will require major lifestyle change Environmental Ethics-application of ethical standards to environmental questions Two Extreme Environmental Worldviews 1. Western o Expansionist; frontier attitude o human centered o utilitarian o exploit nature 2. deep ecology o harmony with nature o spiritual respect for life o all species are equal o anthropocentric and biocentric...
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GPH 210 Class Notes - -can occur only within the limits of...

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