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10101010 - current vs frequency Determine the theoretical...

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EXPERIMENT 10: Series and Parallel Resonance Theory: We want to determine the resonant frequency of a series and a parallel RLC circuit Procedure: Place an inductor and capacitor in series with an ac milliammeter across a signal generator Measure the inductance Determine capacitance Begin looking for maximum current and record that value along with the associated frequency Take readings on either side of the max current value and graph these data points as
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Unformatted text preview: current vs. frequency Determine the theoretical resonance by given equation Data Summarization: The raw data our lab group generated is attached Graphs: The graph for this lab (current vs. frequency) is attached Experiment Result(s): The procedure for this lab was pretty straight forward and simple and our data points clearly indicate this. I feel as though our graphs turned out nicely....
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