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EXPERIMENT 6: Theory: We first want to charge a capacitor and connect it to an EMF allowing the capacitor to drain over time or reach max EMF. Record the readings and the associated time interval so as to determine the charge at a particular voltage. Procedure: - Gather equipment (voltmeter, galvanometer, capacitor) - Record readings from galvanometer as the EMF is increased and simultaneously record the voltage (25V intervals) - Graph charge vs. voltage for the readings and determine capacitance.
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Unformatted text preview: - The capacitance will be the slope of the line created by the data points (readings) collected. Graphs: See the attached graph of charge vs. voltage Experiment Result(s): Error {(1.066 x10-9 – 1.0 x10-9 )/1.0 x10-9 } x 100 = 6.6% This percent error is relatively small given past lab results. There are however some small sources of error left including the loops being set up incorrectly or the measuring device short-circuiting....
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