9 - Repeat the process every ten degrees until 75 Measure...

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EXPERIMENT NO. 9 – THE EARTH’S MAGNETIC FIELD FOUND WITH A TANGENT GALVONOMETER Theory Statement: Determine the resultant of the magnetic field of galvanometer which will be the will be the equivalent of the horizontal field of earth Method Statement: Record the measurement for the coil at zero current; Record the current necessary to create a 15° deflection angle and record the current necessary to create the 15° deflexion angle;
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Unformatted text preview: Repeat the process every ten degrees until 75; Measure the diameter of the coil; Determine the number of turns on the coil; and Calculate the magnetic field by given equation Be = ( N)/2R Graphs: See attached graphs Table A angles of deflexion Table B angles of deflection Experiment Result(s): Error percentage contributed to the quality and accuracy of the compass utilized in this lab...
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