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EXPERIMENT 8: A DEMONSTRATION OF FARADAY’S LAW Theory: Verify Faraday’s law as applied to a transformer situation, which is represented by a pair of coils (primary and secondary). By measuring the emf in an induce secondary coil due to a changing current in a primary coil, we will be able to compare this value with what Faradays Law predicts. Procedure: Prepare equipment with the primary coil inside the secondary Determine the number of turns in each coil Determine the length of winding of each coil Measure the EMF induced in the primary coil due to changes in current in the secondary Determine the EMF induced in the secondary coil due to changed in current in
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Unformatted text preview: the primary • Measure the EMF across the primary as a result of the external current being fed to the secondary Data Summarization raw data attached Graphs: no graphs for this lab Experiment Result(s): Our group effort in this lab appeared to be in step with our purpose for the lab as well as giving us a better understanding of how transformers operate and a hands-on demonstration of Faraday’s Law – as intended. %Error = .93% Our experiment proved to be very accurate. Possible sources of error include inaccurate readings from the voltmeter or calculation errors....
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