2025-L03 - EE-2025 Spring-2004 Help Sessions/Recitation...

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EE-2025 Spring-2004 LECTURE #3 Phasor Addition Theorem 12-Jan-04 1/9/2004 EE-2025 Spring-2004 jMc 2 Help Sessions/Recitation ± Bring Calculator to Recitation ± Complex arithmetic ± VanLeer 361 Sunday, 2 PM ± VanLeer 361 Mon, Tues, Wed @ 6 PM ± These are set up in VL-361 which has computers, so students can ask questions about the labs and about MATLAB. Please take advantage of these tutorial sessions. ± If no one attends, the TA will depart after 20 mins. 1/9/2004 EE-2025 Spring-2004 jMc 3 Web-CT Info ± Check the Bulletin Board for msgs ± SP First URL: www.ece.gatech.edu/~spfirst ± Username = gt, password = student ± Lectures are being posted ± PDF format (4 per page) ± Get PDF file of Lab #1 from WebCT ± Get PDF file of HW #2 from WebCT ± HW #1 due this week ( in Recitation in Recitation ) 1/9/2004 EE-2025 Spring-2004 jMc 4 Homework Formatting ± Include a Cover page with ± Name ± Lab section, ie, L05, L20, etc. ± Recitation Prof’s name ± Download example from Web-CT ± Write on ONE side only ± Use Engineer’s paper or plain paper ± STAPLE
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1/9/2004 EE-2025 Spring-2004 jMc 5 Lab Info ± Be prepared for on-Line Pre-Lab Questions ± Start within first 15 minutes of Lab ±
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2025-L03 - EE-2025 Spring-2004 Help Sessions/Recitation...

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