2025-L11 - EE-2025 Spring-2004Lecture 11Linearity...

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Unformatted text preview: EE-2025 Spring-2004Lecture 11Linearity, Time-Invarianceand Convolution16-Feb-042/15/2004ECE-2025 Spring-04 jMc2Info: Web-CT, Lab, HW¡Prepare for on-line Pre-Post-Labs¡Run MATLAB GUIs for Lab #6¡Labs #5 and #6: Image Processing¡Sampling & Zooming¡Interpolation for Digital Cameras¡Color Printing possible in Library¡Quiz #1 grading issues?¡Resolve them no later than 20-Feb.2/15/2004ECE-2025 Spring-04 jMc32/15/2004ECE-2025 Spring-04 jMc4DEBUGGING¡“Any Fool” can write code¡Debugging is the interesting part¡It takes brain power !!!¡HOWEVER,¡Assume the stupidmistake is the problemLecture2/15/2004ECE-2025 Spring-04 jMc5READING ASSIGNMENTS¡This Lecture:¡Chapter 5, Sections 5-5 and 5-6¡Section 5-4 will be covered, but not “in depth”¡Other Reading:¡Recitation: Ch. 5, Sects 5-6, 5-7 & 5-8¡CONVOLUTION¡Next Lecture: start Chapter 62/15/2004ECE-2025 Spring-04 jMc6LECTURE OBJECTIVES¡BLOCK DIAGRAM REPRESENTATION¡Components forHardware¡Connect Simple Filters Together to Build More Complicated SystemsLTI SYSTEMS¡GENERALPROPERTIES of FILTERS¡LINEARITY¡TIME-INVARIANCE¡==> CONVOLUTIONCONVOLUTION2/15/2004ECE-2025 Spring-04 jMc7¡IMPULSE RESPONSE, ¡FIR case: same as¡CONVOLUTION¡GENERAL:¡GENERAL CLASS of SYSTEMS¡LINEAR and TIME-INVARIANT¡ALL LTIsystems have h[n] & use convolutionOVERVIEW][nxnhny∗=][nh}{kb2/15/2004ECE-2025 Spring-04 jMc8¡CONCENTRATE on the FILTER (DSP)¡DISCRETE-TIME SIGNALS¡FUNCTIONS of n, the “time index”¡INPUT x[n]¡OUTPUT y[n]DIGITAL FILTERINGFILTERD-to-AA-to-Dx(t)y(t)y[n]x[n]2/15/2004...
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2025-L11 - EE-2025 Spring-2004Lecture 11Linearity...

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