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FINAL_EXAM_STUDY_GUIDE_FOR_Fall_08_IS535 - 5 How to make...

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FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE FOR IS535 Final Exam will be comprehensive and is covering all reading assignments and lecture materials from Lesson 1 to Lesson 7. It will compose of 5 to 6 short essay type questions. Please pay attention to the following topics: 1. Demonstrate how the Internet and Internet technology work and how they support communication and E-business. Pg. 277 2. Why are computer systems so vulnerable? And what are the most common threats that against contemporary information systems? Pg. 317 3. Describe the various types of e-commerce and how e-commerce has changed consumer retailing and business-to-business transactions. Pg. 421 4. Assess how information systems support the activities of managers and management decision making. Pg. 502
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Unformatted text preview: 5. How to make sure the data for your business remain accurate, reliable, and readily available to those who need it? Pg. 247 6. The Five Main Moral Dimension of Information Society, especially on protecting Individual privacy and Intellectual property on Internet. Pg. 130 7. What are push-based and pull-based model supply chain systems? Pg. 366 8. Understanding Customer relationship management software for sales, marketing and customer services. Pg. 371 9. How Enterprise analysis and critical success factors help for selecting information system projects? Pg. 559 10. The tools and technologies that are available to secure our information systems and data. Pg. 335 11. Understand the System Development Process. Pg. 524 Good Luck! Class...
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