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M.W. FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE FOR IS535 Final Exam will be comprehensive and is covering all reading assignments and lecture materials from Lesson 1 to Lesson 7. It will compose of 5 to 6 short essay type questions. 1. Demonstrate how the Internet and Internet technology work and how they support communication and E-business. Pg. 277 - Internet is the world’s largest implementation of linking/ client server computing and internetworking, linking hundreds of thousands of individual’s networks all over the world and more than 1 billion people worldwide. Individuals connect to the internet in two ways. Most home connect through internet service provider. An ISP is a commercial organization with a permanent connection to the internet that sells temporary connections to retail subscribers. Ex: telephone lines, cable lines, wireless connections. Individuals can also connect though there business firms, university, or research centers. - Chat, Instant messaging, and Usenet (bulletin boards) 2. Why are computer systems so vulnerable? And what are the most common threats that against contemporary information systems? Pg. 317 - They are vulnerable to many more threats than when they existed in manual form. They are connected through different network even in different locations. The potential for unauthorized access, abuse, or fraud is not limited to a single location but can occur at any access point in the network. - The most common threats are that they can stem from technical, organizational, and environmental factors compounded by poor management decision. Vulnerabilities exist at each layer and in the communications between layers. Users can cause harm by introducing errors, accessing the system without authorization, or unknowingly downloading viruses and spy wares. Hackers can access data flowing over networks, steal valuable data during transmission, or alter messages without authorization. Intruders can launch denial of service attacks or malicious software to disrupt the operation of web sites. Without strong safeguards, valuable data could be lost or destroyed or could fall into the wrong hands, revealing important trade secrets or information that violates personal privacy. 3. Describe the various types of e-commerce and how e-commerce has changed consumer retailing and business-to-business transactions. Pg. 421 - Business to Consumer (B2C), involves retailing products and services to individual shoppers. - Business to Business (B2B), involves sales of goods and services among businesses. - Consumer to Consumer (C2C), involves consumers selling directly to consumers.
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