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6. the Five Main Moral Dimension of Information Society, especially on protecting Individual privacy and Intellectual property on Internet. (P. 130) 1. Information rights and obligations 2. Property rights and obligations 3. Accountability and control 4. System quality 5. Quality of Life 7. What are push-based and pull-based model supply chain systems? (P.366) In a push-based model, production master schedules are based on forecasts or best guesses of demand for products, and products are “pushed” to customers. With new flows of information made possible by Web-based tools, supply chain management more easily follows a pull-based model. In a pull-based model, also known as a demand-driven model or build-to order, actual customer orders or purchases trigger events in the supply chain. Transactions to produce and deliver only what customers have ordered move up the supply chain from retailers to distributors to manufacturers and eventually to suppliers. Push-Based Model Supply to forecast Production based Inventory based Stock based Purchase what on forecasts on forecasts on forecasts is on shelves SUPPLIER CUSTOME R RETAILER DISTRIBU TOR MANAFAC TURER
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Pull-Based Model Supply to Produce to Automatically Automatically Customer order order replenish warehouse replenish stock orders 8. “Understanding Customer relationship management software for sales, marketing and customer services.” (P. 371) Commercial CRM software packages range from niche tools that perform limited functions, such as
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FINAL_STUDY GUIDE_(6-11)_03 - 6. the Five Main Moral...

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