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Student Name _________________________________ Date _____________ SE572 Security Demands Opnet iLab Objectives In this lab, the students will examine the following objectives: The use of NetDoctor to create required Security Demands. Creation of ACLs to meet the requirements of the Security Demands. Verification of Security Demands using Web Reports. Scenario A small company is using the topology shown below. Minimal security measures have been implemented. Assume that the network represents the Internet. The Dallas and Chicago hosts need to be protected from specific types of traffic from the Internet. Topology The last page of the Lab Assignment Document contains a full page Topology. Remove this page and use it for reference to the topology and the IP addresses. 1
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Required iLab Access For this lab, you will need to open your uploaded SE572 project. Using the File menu, SaveAs this project in your op-models directory as SecurityDemands . Initial Configuration The Dallas and Chicago Router’s FastEthernet and Serial interfaces used for the lab have been correctly configured and enabled. Unused interfaces have been shutdown. The RIP routing tables are complete for all routers and hosts. No ACLs have been applied to any of the routers. Preparation Open a Word document (WordPad may be used if Word is not available). At the top of the document, type “ Security Demands Lab ” followed by your full name. The Word document must contain (1) All relevant configuration information, log reports and captured screen shots as specified in the iLab assignment. All text commands and output must be Courier New 10 point with 0.8” margins . Tasks must be labeled and numbered as it is in the lab assignment. All questions asked in the Lab must also be answered. Your instructor will advise you of the process for submitting this assignment. Note: RED text indicates the required capture of commands or windows from the OpNet program into your Lab Document. All Completed Tables and Answered Questions in the lab assignment must be transferred to your submitted lab document. Task 1 – Verify Initial Connectivity between Router and Hosts
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se572_securitydemands_ilab - Student Name _ Date _ SE572...

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