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Essay #1 Chapter 2 Discussion Kevin Steuterman REL 1005 Burkett 24 August 24, 2010 1. Landowners and Workers : It is evident in the biblical texts that there is a clear distinction between socio-economic groups of people in that society. According to Jesus, slaves were often mistreated by their landowners and rich, and looked down upon as inferior. Jesus sought to reverse this train of thought. In Matthew there seems to be a little more element of respect between the slaves and landowners as opposed to the other gospels Mark and Luke. In James, the only non-gospel scripture, the difference between the parables of Jesus is stark. It seems much more violent from this point of view. 2. Rich and Poor : As suggested above, it is made apparent by these two passages the stark separation of the rich and poor in society there during that time. In James, it seems to be the norm among the rich to treat someone who is poor very badly. Jesus recognizes that this
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Unformatted text preview: discrimination will only result in their doom to hell, and that the poor are actually better off after death. I think it is no wonder that Jesus was crucified, since he lived as a poor man his entire life, and caused such a profound social impact that rocked the stratified and segregated structure. 3. A Roman City : The first four verses show that Christians and Jews were spread around the Roman Empire during that period, and were free to worship at that time as well. However, in the next passage it suggests that if they were seen to be disturbing the peace or disrupting the Roman law, then they were persecuted. In the last part of the passage, it seems clear that citizens of Rome, Christian or not, were to be treated with dignity. This is evidenced by the statement in 16: 39 where they “came and apologized to them.”...
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