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Essay #3 Chapter 4 Discussion Kevin Steuterman REL 1005 Burkett 30 August, 2010 The Jewish Christian controversy stories seem to usually involve the differing viewpoint their group has with that of the Pharisees. The first story in Mark shows the negative view they had of the Pharisees when the disciples ask, “Why does he eat with tax collectors and sinners.” They are referring to them in this case. The next two stories question the Pharisees strict adherence to the Sabbath as opposed to common sense for food, or goodwill for healing the man. The next story in Mark contrasts them with the Sadducees, who have a differing view on resurrection. The last story suggests a Christian viewpoint of the equality of all men before God with the statement by Jesus, “To love one’s neighbor as oneself.” Nowhere does he mention
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Unformatted text preview: specific social classes or religious sects, which would differ from the more common discriminatory nature of other people. The passage on the Essenes shows a stark difference between them and the Jewish Christians. The Essenes, like the Pharisees, have a very orderly, structured, and rule-based society unlike the Christians. Although they had similar views on spiritual issues, the Essenes would not have treated their “neighbor as oneself” like the Christians. They do not even treat members within their own society the same. Seniors are deemed unclean should they ever come into contact with a junior. Women are seen as functional beings made in order to produce children. Jesus would have seen this as a discriminatory act before God, who would accept any and all human beings as equal....
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