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Kevin Steuterman MKT 3401 Homework #2 1) Industrial designers do what? Industrial Designers combine business, engineering, and art to create consumer and business products. They are responsible for the style, function, quality, and safety of the product. They may work with members of a variety of people from different fields. 2) Human factors engineers have backgrounds in what areas? Although there are specific degrees for HFE’s, they can also have backgrounds as technical engineers, psychology, and statistics. 3) User interaction designers do what? They may design products based upon user experience. They conduct research and
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Unformatted text preview: perform tests on products in order to determine if change to an existing attribute on the product directly involved with a consumer. 4) The graphic design organization is primarily responsible for what aspect of the product develop process? The graphic design organization is responsible for the graphic design appearance on the products packaging, labeling, etc. 5) How often does Kodak launch a new camera? Kodak tries to keep up with the changing market every 8 months....
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