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11 Vocab - The Americas_ Africa and Oceania_ 1500-1750

11 Vocab - The Americas_ Africa and Oceania_ 1500-1750 -...

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Chapter 11 The Americas, Africa and the Slave Trade Australia and the Pacific Ocean Basic The New World Atahualpa : Incan ruler who was held hostage by Francisco Pizarro in exchange for gold. Despite the delivery of the ransom, the ruler was executed. Tupac Amaru : was the last of the bloodline of the Incan rulers for whom a large rebellion occurred in 1780 in Peru where over sixty thousand Inca attempted to throw off Spanish hegemony and restore the Incan ruler who was beheaded by the Spanish. Pero Alvares Cabral : Portuguese mariner credited with the first sighting of Brazil in 1500 on his voyage to India. Jan Carstenzs : Dutch mariner who explored the western coast of Australia in 1623 and reported that there was very little that Europeans could make use of. Hernan Cortes : Spanish conquistador responsible for the defeat of the Aztec empire and the establishment of the Spanish empire in Mesoamerica. Juan Diego was the fifty-seven year old Aztec peasant to whom the Virgin Mary or Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared Dona Marina : Nahuatl-speaking woman who worked as a translator for Cortes. She is credited with providing the Spanish conquistadores with intelligence and diplomatic information that facilitated the defeat of the Aztec empire. Motecuzoma II : Emperor of the Aztec empire when Spain first invaded Mesoamerica. Failed to effectively repel this invasion because of religious doubts about the origin of the conquistadores. Francisco Pizarro : Spanish conquistador who is credited with the defeat of the Inca Empire in 1533 and the establishment of the Spanish empire in South America. Guaman Poma : Native Peruvian who authored a letter to King Philip III of Spain that served as a record of the Indians' grievances against the Spanish colonists and priests. Popé : a native shaman who in 1680 led a huge uprising against Spanish colonists in Northern Mexico called the Pueblo revolt. It took twelve years to suppress the revolt. Bernardino de Sahagun : Franciscan missionary in Mexico responsible for preserving information about the language, customs, beliefs, literature, and history of Mexico before the arrival of the Spanish invaders. Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca : Spanish nobleman who survived a shipwreck off the coast of present day Galveston, Texas. He and the survivors of the crew lived in several different indigenous societies before making their way to Mexcio in 1536.
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Virgin of Guadalupe : Symbol of Mexican Christianity representing the synchronization of indigenous and European spiritual views. The legend of her appearance and miracles helped to insure the domination of Roman Catholicism in Mexico. Amerindians was the name given to Native Americans in the Spanish social structure. Along with enslaved Africans, Amerindians formed the lowest part of Latin American societal structure.
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11 Vocab - The Americas_ Africa and Oceania_ 1500-1750 -...

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