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Quiz 1 review sheet

Quiz 1 review sheet - Quiz 1 review sheet Spatial and...

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Quiz 1 review sheet Spatial and temporal scale – used to organize geographic variables and maps are then used to depict these variables - spatial is used for horizontal or vertical distance - temporal is dimension of time - calculate conversion by multiplying both sides by the given value - large scale – represents smaller area of land so it can depict more detail (1:17,300) - small scale – large area with less detail (1:50,000,000) - prime meridian – 0 degrees longitude – Greenwich, England - international date line – 180 degrees longitude - time zones – 15 degrees every hour Topographic maps – large scale; use contour lines; display natural and man made features Contour Lines – isolines – lines connecting all points of equal value - contour lines do not cross each other, split, or divide - form complete circles around the ends of spurs and ridges and bend down-hill - higher elevation contours lay inside lower elevation contours - lines that are close together indicate a steep slope -
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