Syllabus - POLS 5634 Seminar in Comparative Politics:...

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POLS 5634 Seminar in Comparative Politics: Middle East Dr. Krista E. Wiegand Department of Political Science College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Georgia Southern University Spring 2009 Class schedule: M 6:30-9:15 Classroom : Carroll 2221 Office: Carroll 2207 Office hours : MW 12-2, M 4-5:30 E-mail : [email protected] Phone : 478-1401 Course Description: Middle East politics is a complex and often unpredictable field of study. The task for scholars of comparative politics is to try to comprehend this region in a way to make it accessible to greater society. They attempt to do so by searching beyond the superficiality of headlines for those fundamental forces which drive the rise and decline of Middle East states, conflict in that region, and the powerful role of Islam. This course is designed to explore some of the contending theories and strategies of Middle Eastern politics and U.S. policy toward the Middle East, and evaluate them in a critical fashion. Our principal activities will be to dissect and critique the assumptions and values which underlie each of the arguments that we discuss. In addition to our discussions of the various arguments about Middle East politics, we will examine contemporary topics of great interest to the international community. These topics will include US strategy in the Middle East, the Arab-Israeli conflict, nuclear proliferation in the Middle East, US policy toward Iran, Iranian politics, US strategy in Iraq, Iraqi politics, democratization in the Middle East, US-Saudi relations, Islamic radicalism and terrorism, and conflicts in the Middle East. By the end of the semester, you will have refined the skills of critical evaluation of academic writings in political science both verbally and in written work and achieved a high degree of knowledge about current arguments related to Middle East politics. Course/Grade Requirements:
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Syllabus - POLS 5634 Seminar in Comparative Politics:...

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