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3. All the statements below about policing in the naked mole rat are true, EXCEPT : a) The queen’s shove rate is highest when the mean colony work level is low, 5 to 15 hours since the last feeding event of the colony b) The queen’s shove rate is preferentially high towards larger colony individuals c) The queen’s shove rate is preferentially high towards more highly related individuals d) Shoving behavior by the queen increases colony members’ work level e) All the above statements are true 4. Which of the following is NOT a plausible reason why polyandry is a favorable reproductive strategy for female jacanas? a) There is a long breeding season, relative to the time needed to produce eggs b) Chicks are precocial and do not require a large amount of parental care c) Females have assured maternity for clutches on their territory d) High predation rates on clutches lowers the survivorship of offspring e) None of the above 6. The mating system found in most human cultures is: a) Resource-defense polyandry b) Scramble-competition polygyny c)
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