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PRELIM 3 2008 - PRELIM 3 2008 3 Which of the following...

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PRELIM 3 2008 3. Which of the following statements about glucocorticoid hormones is NOT valid? a) Your glucocorticoid level as you read this exam question is probably higher than it was when you were listening to Professor Adkins-Regan’s lecture on hormones and behavior. b) Glucocorticoid elevation can lead to immunosuppression. c) Across social species, it is consistently the subordinate individuals who have chronically elevated glucocorticoid levels. d) Social grooming in primates tends to reduce glucocorticoid levels. e) In primates, both the loser and the winner of a fight experience an acute increase in glucocorticoids. 9. T F Both males and females have lower testosterone levels in monogamous species than in polygynous species. 13. T F Elevated levels of glucocorticoid hormones interfere with reproduction in most, but not all, animals. 14. T F A “femme fatale” firefly attracts and eats males of other species primarily to gain extra nutrients that she will need in order to produce and lay her eggs. 15. T F In all species studied to date, testosterone inhibits parental behavior in males. 19. T F “Symbiosis” describes a relationship in which two organisms live together intimately, but not necessarily one in which both individuals benefit. 51. Jacanas are polyandrous birds. Which of the following characteristics should NOT be true of female jacanas? a) Females are larger than males. b) Females are more brightly colored than males. c) Females live longer than males. d) Females are more aggressive than males. e) Females engage in riskier behavior than males. 52. Which of the following is NOT a hypothesized cost of testosterone? a)
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PRELIM 3 2008 - PRELIM 3 2008 3 Which of the following...

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