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Paper 1 - due Thursday 11/5 in section (hard copies only, unless you are sick!). Choose a topic or question in cognitive development that interests you, and find an empirical article on that topic. The article must be: About cognitive development (doesn’t necessarily have to be with very young children – you can write about older kids or even adults if it is an appropriate topic. Please ask me or one of the TAs if you are not sure.) Published between 1990 – 2009 (use PSYCHINFO to search for your article, as TAs for help using the database if you are not sure how to use it) NOT one of the articles we are reading in discussion sections (obviously!) but a related article is ok. Your assignment is to write a critical review of those articles in 5 double-spaced pages. In your review, make sure to cover: 1) An introduction to the topic or question you are writing about. Why is it relevant to cognitive development? Why is it interesting and informative? Include some background on that topic (use textbook, lectures, and discussion readings for
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Unformatted text preview: background). 2) A description of your article in detail. Make sure to discuss the theoretical background in the intro, the research hypothesis of the study, the methods used to test this hypothesis, the results, and the conclusions of the study. 3) A critical review of the article. Do you agree with the conclusions? Why or why not? How would you improve on the study? What future questions are important to address? You will be graded on the appropriateness of the topic and the article, clarity of your writing, the soundness of your conclusions, and your grasp of both theory and empirical methods in cognitive development. TAs are available for help in using PSYCHINFO and in choosing an appropriate topic. I am available as well. Unlike the exam, we encourage you to discuss topics with us, to get help understanding the article, and to submit a rough draft to your TAs for feedback if you want to....
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