Class19 recursionjava

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Unformatted text preview: public class Recursion { public static void moveToWall() { if (Robot.frontIsClear()) { Robot.move(); Recursion.moveToWall(); } } public static int fact(int n) { if (n == 0) { return 1; } else { return n * Recursion.fact(n - 1); } } public static void move(Grid g, int numDiscs, int source, int dest, int other) { if (numDiscs > 0) { //MOVE ALL BUT ONE DISC FROM SOURCE TO OTHER Recursion.move(g, numDiscs - 1, source, other, dest); //MOVE ONE DISC FROM SOURCE TO DEST Recursion.moveOneDisc(g, source, dest); Recursion.waitForKeyPress(g); //MOVE ALL BUT ONE DISC FROM OTHER TO DEST Recursion.move(g, numDiscs - 1, other, dest, source); } } public static void moveOneDisc(Grid g, int source, int dest) { int length; length = Recursion.removeTop(g, sourc...
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