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1 Two-Group Designs: t-test for correlated groups (chapter 9) Assumptions for Correlated-Groups t Test Random selection of participants Observations within each treatment are independent Normal population distribution Homogeneity of variance in the two populations of scores Interval or ratio data Correlated Groups T-test Practice Some investigators have proposed that students have elevated blood pressure during finals week . To test this hypothesis 8 students volunteered to have their blood pressure taken at the beginning of the semester and then again during finals week. The blood pressure data (diastolic) is listed below. Conduct a t test to determine if there is a difference between the first week and finals week.
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2 State Hypotheses, Set Criterion H 0 : Mean during Mean pre H a : Mean during > Mean pre 2-tailed alpha of .05 D D D D D μ D = 0 S D D D D D D Rejection Region (Mean pre - Mean during < 0) . pre
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418-CorrelatedSamplesT-ExtraPractice - Two-Group Designs:...

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