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Unformatted text preview: 1 Two-Group Designs: t-test for correlated groups (practice) Example A researcher studies the effect of a Drug A on the number of nightmares occurring in veterans with post- traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). A sample of 5 PTSD clients records each incident of a nightmare for one month before treatment. Subjects are then given the medication for one month, and they continue to report each occurrence of a nightmare. For the following hypothetical data, determine if drug A changes the number of nightmares. Test at alpha = .05, two tailed. Data DV: Number of Nightmares One month before treatment One month after treatment 6 1 10 2 3 0 5 5 7 2 2 Research Hypothesis Relative to baseline, the number of nightmares will decrease signiFcantly after one month of treatment with Drug A. D D D D D State Hypotheses, Set Criterion H0: Mean before Mean after Ha: Mean before > Mean after 2-tailed alpha of .05 D = 0 S D D D D D D Rejection Region (Mean before -...
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418-Test2-Practice-CorrelatedSamplesT - 1 Two-Group...

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