Syllabus and Schedule - spring BUAD 302

Syllabus and Schedule - spring BUAD 302 - BUAD 302...

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BUAD 302 – COMMUNICATION STRATEGY IN BUSINESS Syllabus and Schedule – Spring Semester 2010 Section #14668 (2:00 – 3:50 p.m. HOH 306) Section #14673 (4:00 – 5:50 p.m. HOH 306) Monday & Wednesday Professor: Dr. RS Hubbard Office: Center for Management Communication, Marshall School – ACC 403 Mailbox: Center for Management Communication, Marshall School – ACC 400 Telephone: 213-740-4233 Email: Office Hours: M & W: 12:00-2:00; Friday by appointment only COURSE DESCRIPTION BUAD 302 – Communication Strategy in Business is an experiential course that focuses on communication strategies for interpersonal, organizational and public interactions in business. This course has three major components: 1. Theoretical Aspects of Management Communication You will learn theories, strategies and techniques related to interpersonal and organizational communication, verbal and nonverbal communication, persuasion, leadership and management, work relationships, negotiations and conflict management, interviewing and presentations. 2. Survey of Management Communication in Professional Settings You will analyze the communication channels and information flows of real firms to identify, understand and describe issues related to channel selection, appropriateness, and richness. 3. Application of Management Communication Theory You will demonstrate your ability to apply communication theory to effectively communicate with potential employers, senior management, business partners, international markets, potential clients, peers, colleagues, and co-workers. I believe that BUAD 302 will give you the opportunity to explore a number of issues and situations that you will actually experience in real business environments. Therefore, I want to be sure that you learn Management Communication theory and, more importantly, be able to practice the application of that theory in a supportive learning environment. I want our class to be the best class that you will have at Marshall because the skills learned can be immediately applicable to your other classes, which would enable you to become leaders while in school and
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2 infinitely more prepared to bring value to the firms or organizations that you would join after graduation. REQUIRED RESOURCES Strategic Communication in Business and the Professions by O‘Hair, Friedrich, Dixon Business Writer‘s Companion by Brusaw, et al. (St. Martin‘s, 1999) A blank DVD or UBS specifically for this class Standard word-processing and PDF software (Microsoft compatible) Access to a printer and a working USC e-mail account that you check regularly STUDENT LEARNING OBJECTIVES The overall goal of BUAD 302 – Communication Strategy in Business is to help you improve your ability to communicate successfully in the business world. To accomplish this goal, you will learn to understand and apply the principles of business communication strategy. Specifically, you will learn to
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Syllabus and Schedule - spring BUAD 302 - BUAD 302...

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