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The Good Heart paper - CTCS 466 4/8/10 A Good Heart In...

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CTCS 466 4/8/10 A Good Heart In modern films, well developed characters are what propel a story. Two films, The Good Heart as well as A Prophet both appear to be very similar in terms of the character development. The actors who play the main characters in each film, Malik and César in A Prophet and Jacques and Lucas in A Good Heart allow for the evolution of the story to take place. The portrayals of each character are so vivid and so unique that they are able to create very emotional stories which ultimately conclude with an extreme role reversal of both main characters. The use of such dramatic characterization pushes the film along and because of the little background information that the audience gets, the overall dynamic of the characters on screen is propelled by the actors and it is through this that the audience gets a much clearer understanding of the issues at hand. The Good Heart directed by Dagur Kári tells the tale of a young homeless man, Lucas who is living New York City and is taken under a lonely bar owner’s wing after meeting each other in the hospital. The film begins with Lucas, played by Paul Dano waking up in the hospital after trying to commit suicide. In the next bed over lies Jacques, an older gentleman played by Brian Cox, who has just survived his fifth heart attack. Jacques knows that he does not have much longer to live because of his unhealthy lifestyle… he smokes and drinks 24 hours a day. He is not in a good condition at all and
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The Good Heart paper - CTCS 466 4/8/10 A Good Heart In...

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