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Strengths Leonardo DiCaprio is a big star and has a lot of pull with the general public. He has the ability to draw in large crowds. The Great Gatsby was first published in 1925 so it has been around for almost a century. o Almost every single high school student is required to read this book at one point in their careers. o People from age 15 and up would be familiar with the novel o There is something for everyone There would be romance for girls and action/rich boy toys for the guys The movie was last made in 1974 so it is about time, 35 years later that a new version should come out o Although their have been numerous versions made over the past few decades all have not been very successful
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Unformatted text preview: o There could be a more modern twist to this version allowing for as broad an audience as possible o Today there is much wider gap between the rich and poor so this can be taken into account in terms of modern times People can relate The book was set in the 1920s (depression) relevant to today in terms of the recent recession • The director would be able to make this a very colorful, visually intriguing and larger than life production o With the budget that this film has, there is a lot of potential for a big blockbuster • Fashion is in o Easy to sell o Marketable o Many events surrounding the fashion elements...
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