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Midterm - CTPR 410 Midterm 1) awriter,aproducer,...

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CTPR 410 Midterm 1.) Explain the following types of deals between a studio and  a writer, a producer, or other producing entity and how they  differ from the others. A development deal is a deal between two parties to develop an idea and turn it into a screenplay. The ideas can vary from an original idea to a novel to play or even a magazine article. The deal is usually between a writer and prouder or producing entity but sometimes includes a particular director or producer A first look deal is an agreement that lasts three or more years between a movie studio and a producing entity on a first look basis. Any idea that this producing entity comes up with whether it be original or not has to be pitched to this particular movie studio first. If that studio doesn’t want to develop the idea, the producer can then take it elsewhere. An exclusive deal is a term agreement lasting three or more years between a movie studio and a producing entity on an exclusive basis. This deal is essentially a first look deal in that the idea gets pitched to the movie studio however if the studio does not want to develop it, the producer cannot take it elsewhere. 2.) Why does Producer David Puttnam say movie studios have a  poor “batting average” (a low percent of success) developing a  screenplay with a writer? David Puttnam says that movie studios have a poor “batting average” because the average of writers coming in and rewriting is low. A studio executive has an average of 40 minutes for a script conference and has go to weekly production meetings to report on the progress that is going on. Due to the time constraints, it is very difficult for a studio executive to work with the same writer and develop a screenplay from one draft to the next. The easy thing to do is to take action and replace a writer so that the executive can tell everyone in the production meetings that things are moving along and he has taken “action” to solve these writing problems. 3.) A project at a major studio goes into turnaround with  $500,000.00 against it. What does that mean (It’s a two part  question)? a.) Turnaround is when a studio abandons a screenplay and legally another financier or movie studio can then pick up the project. In this case the movie studio is in the hole for $500,000. They have spent this money already and have abandoned the project entirely. Whoever is in charge of the project can then shop it around to
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other studios and/or financiers. If they find a buyer, then the studio/buyer has the pay the original studio $500,000 plus any interest.
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