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Justin Duchini February 25 th - 2008 Exam 1 Essay MGMT 301 Discuss the steps and process in preparing for and conducting a fair performance appraisal . Performance appraisals are an important role in a manager’s duty, and any other upper level positions. There are different types of appraisals such as writing the information down about your employees and talking to them in private; or you can be more of a vocal partner and instead of writing down events. Manager’s can talk to the employees on a daily or weekly basis letting them know what they are doing right and wrong. The number one rule when conducting performance appraisals is to handle all employee issues. This means that once an incident happens, you need to talk to the employee or employees and not put the problem on the back burner. By challenging the problem up front, you are stopping the problem from snowballing out of control. A manager should understand that not everyone likes to be complimented in front of all the employees and should take this into account.
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Unformatted text preview: An equal distribution of public and private praise is a great route to take. By doing this the manager is not making any uncomfortable situations in the work place for either the person receiving the praise or the ones who are witnessing the praise. Periodic discussions are key when preparing for an appraisal. The discussions make sure that there are no surprises when conducting the appraisal and this makes for an easier and better environment at the work place. When talking to the employees they should be given positive and negative remarks so they know when they are doing things right along with when they are doing things wrong. In conclusion managers and executives need to be patient, willing to work with employees, be open with the employees; and need to keep things written down with the employee and supervisor signatures for documentation. This will help make sure that there are neither incidents nor miscommunication....
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