Ke-hoach-phan-lich-tong-the-Fall-20102 - PHÂN LuCH TUNG...

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Unformatted text preview: PHÂN LuCH TUNG TH¡ H¢C KỲ FALL 2010 Phân b£¤i h¥c Ca/Khóa 1 2 3A 3B 3C+4A 4B 4C 5A-SE 5B-SE 5C-SE 5-P1 ∑ Sáng 2 2 2 3 4 3 3 4 2 25 ChiuU 2 2 2 3 5 2 4 3 2 25 Slot1 2 3 5 Ghi Chú- Sinh viên ngh¡ 13/9, h¢c bù 11/9 Slot 1/4 Block1 Slot 2/5 Block2 Slot 3/6 1. L¦ch h¥c Khóa 1 Ca ChiuU ChiuU Sáng Sáng Sáng Sáng ChiuU ChiuU SE400 Đ£ án t¤t nghi¥p Phòng P218 P220 P218 P220 IS323 DatawarehoUse L¦p SE0101 SE0102 SE0103 SE0104 IS313 ERP Block1-Slot 1/4 SE400 IS323 IS323 ES321 Smart card Block1-Slot 2/5 HS131 HS131 IS313 SE400 ES322 Mobile Block1-Slot 3/6 ES321 SE400 SE400 HS131 CM ĐCSVN Block2-Slot 1/4 IS323 IS313 Block2-Slot 2/5 SE400 SE400 HS131 HS131 Block2-Slot 3/6 ES322 IS313 SE400 SE400 1. L¦ch h¥c Khóa 2 ES312 Ca Sáng Sáng ChiuU ChiuU ChiuU ChiuU Sáng ChiuU ES313 Phòng P234 P235 P234 P235 P111 IS321 Advanced XML L¦p SE0201 SE0202 SE0203 SE0204 IS322 Advanced DB Block1-Slot 1/4 HS121 HS121 SE216 IS321 SE216 ITPM Block1-Slot 2/5 SE216 IS322 IS321 IS322 HS121 Tư tư§ng HCM Tương ¨ng Slot 4 Tương ¨ng Slot 5 Tương ¨ng Slot 6 SE400 h¢c th¨ 3,6 hàng tU©n, trong 12 tU©n, HS131 h¢c chUng HT l¦n ES software development Digital Signal Processing 6/9-17/10 Sáng ChiuU 18/10-28/11 Tương ¨ng Slot 1 Tương ¨ng Slot 2 Tương ¨ng Slot 3 Block1-Slot 3/6 ES312 SE216 SE300 SE300 SE300 SW Enterprenship Block2-Slot 1/4 HS121 HS121 IS322 JP221 Japanese 6 Block2-Slot 2/5 ES313 IS321 IS322 SE216 JP222 Japanese 7 Block2-Slot 3/6 SE300 SE300 JP221 JP222 2. L¦ch h¥c Khóa 3A Ca Sáng...
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  • Summer '10
  • thah
  • slot 2, Slot 1, Pentium II, CF105/CF112 CF105/CF112 CF105/CF112, English Business Elementary JP111 Japanese Elementary

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Ke-hoach-phan-lich-tong-the-Fall-20102 - PHÂN LuCH TUNG...

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