social media guide - Social Media Starter Guide Brought to...

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Unformatted text preview: Social Media Starter Guide Brought to You By Social Media Starter Guide is Brought to By SpotZero- BLOG- Defnition & Function The word "blog" is derived from the term "web log," and is a type of website similar to an online journal. A blog can serve as an informative or personal outlet to the Internet; thoughts, ideas, news, photos and videos can be a part of a blog post. Each entry, or blog post, is dated and listed in reverse chronological order (the most recent on top). Benefts Search Ranking: A blog can help increase your presence on search engines helping your company climb in rank, especially when it's keyword-oriented, well-written and regularly updated. Search engines such as Google (the biggest) love blogs, and through their secret algorithm rank blogs very well. Well Archived: When keyword-optimized and well-written blogs can be easily searchable in search engines regardless of how old the post is, which means your posts can be relevant and found years down the road. Brand Building: A blog serves as another platform to promote your product/service/company. Differentiation: The blog is where you can elaborate on what truly separates you from your competitors. Low-Cost Alternative for Web Presence: Requires little technical knowledge and easy to maintain as oppose to a website. Engage with Clients/Customers: Readers can leave comments on blog posts and you can respond, this leads to conversations and builds a relationship between blogger and readers. When a reader feels like he is cared for then the odds are he'll buy what you're selling when the time comes. Demonstrate Expertise: Telling clients/customers what you can do is good, but explaining how you do it is even better. This way, you can position yourself as an expert. When established, you'll be the go-to person in the Feld your readers will turn to for help. Update Clients/Customers Easily: A blog requires little technical knowledge and is easy to maintain as compared to a website. So, if you're unfamiliar with HTML coding then you may want to opt for a blog as your website. Personify Your Company: Giving your company a human voice makes your company more relatable. This makes it easier for clients/customers to connect with you, and can help establish brand loyalty. Sharable: An informative and useful blog can encourage readers to pass your post along extending your network and reach, and this is also free promotion. Getting Started-Create your company's blog on , or , among others, for free. Decide carefully on the name and URL, as it'll represent your company.  It is highly recommended that you own the domain name, otherwise the host can delete your blog for any reason because technically, the host owns your blog. Owning the domain name also allows your URL to read instead of , which is not very professional. There's usually a small monthly or yearly fee, but well worth it, as your blog name will be easier to remember and you'll have complete will be easier to remember and you'll have complete control....
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social media guide - Social Media Starter Guide Brought to...

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