Broward College Microbiology Lab Practical - List of Organisms

Broward College Microbiology Lab Practical - List of Organisms

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Protozoa Page Name Class Motion Disease How Transmitted 32A,B Entamoeba histolytica Sarcodina Pseudopod Amoebic Dysentery Dirty Water 34C Trypanosoma gambiense Mastigophora Flagella African Sleeping Sickness Tsetse Fly 32C,D Giardia lambliam Mastigophora Flagella Diarrhea Contaminated Water 34A,B Balantidium coli (B shape) Ciliophora Cilia Diarrhea Dirty Water 33 Plasmodium vivax Sporozoa none Malaria Mosquito 34D Toxoplasma gondii Sporozoa none toxoplasmosis Cyst in undercooked meat Fungi Page Name Reproduction Disease How Transmitted 26 Cryptococcus neoformans Buds (asexual) 27 Aspergillus niger Conidiospores (asexual spores on branches) 30 Pencillium notatum Conidiospores (asexual spores on branches) 28 Rhizopus Stolonifer Sporangiospores (asexual spores in capsules) 29 Rhizopus Stolonifer Zygospore (sexual spore) Helminths Page Phylum Class
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Unformatted text preview: Scientific Name (common name MAY be acceptable) Sexuality Notes 35,36,37 Platyhelminths Cestoda Taenia Pisiformis monoecious 38 Platyhelminths Trematoda Fasciola hepatica monoecious 39 Platyhelminths Trematoda Schistosoma japonicum, male diecious testes on male 40 Platyhelminths Trematoda Schistosoma japonicum, female diecious lighter color on 1/2 41 Nemathelminthes Nematoda Enterobius vermicularis, male diecious Infections of the lungs Inhalation of spores 43 Nemathelminthes Nematoda Necator americanus diecious 45 Nemathelminthes Nematoda Ascaris lumbricoides diecious curvy tail is male thicker one is female 42, 44 specimens were not in lab...
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