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Quiz%201 - Q 4[5 points Consider the following...

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ICS 313-03 (021) Quiz # 1 Weight 4% 30 Sep, 2002 Q. 1 [5 points]: List the important four language evaluation criteria? Explain the one that is most important. Q. 2 [5 points]: What are the implementation methods for a language? Explain one of them. Q. 3 [5 points]: Briefly describe the concept of orthogonality in programming language design.
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Unformatted text preview: Q. 4 [5 points]: Consider the following grammar: <S> Æ <A> a <B> b <A> Æ <A> b | b <B> Æ a <B> | a which of the following sentences are in the language generated by this grammar? a. baab b. bbbab c. bbaaaaa ID: ___________ Name: _____________________...
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