Quiz%202_02 - problems? ID: ___________ Name:...

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ICS 313-02 (022) Quiz # 2 Weight 3% 26 April, 2003 Q. 1 [6 points]: What is the difference between name type compatibility and structure type compatibility ? List one advantage of each. Q. 2 [7 points]: Describe the two primary problems with pointer. How have some languages try to prevent these
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Unformatted text preview: problems? ID: ___________ Name: _____________________ Q. 3 [7 points]: What is short-circuiting ? Why is it used? Name a language that, by default, does short-circuit evaluation of relational and Boolean expressions, name one that doesn’t. What is good and bad about both approaches?...
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Quiz%202_02 - problems? ID: ___________ Name:...

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