200501M - 7O 'cfw_n oi'?0 que.rtionsMondaY Tr>tal 267...

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Tr>tal oi'?0 que.rtions - MondaY 7O Chern 267 Midtcrm March 7'h i2otJ5 l) I-ist the fbllorving acids from the strongest to thc rveakcst. '{n C'ard Numher I ^ tril l:'3>'4>2>5 to Y,y i r L{r s) 2r5>1>3>4 C) 4> I >3>2>5 D) 1>3>4>5>2 E) 5>2>1>3>4 r) r{2so1 2) cH3cooFl 3) HF t> 3 7 \>2 .0 c-)g D)2 E)e 8\% compounds are aromatic'? 6ofrN ll ", rings are arontatic? H o* (*) {p -*-'_*-r-*.r.- ItlItli1;I i, ---l--.f--, I -'' l( ll *'-T-- I i'ir I --1 .i i;i 5) Cr iloH 4) CI2HCC0OH >5 CH ./,,. _-c1 lr li \r- - 4 I I 'lr LI List the {ollorving acids fronr the strongest to the rveakest. @ 2>r>3> 5>4 {\ B) t>2>3>1>5 ?" l* ?* I6L u) 3;'l >2>i>4 /--t (\ f\ f- ll) 2>l>'3>4>5 \l 6t--r \J \-" E1 3>1>l>2>5 1) zt 3) 4) 't 3.i Which nroleculcf *- most basic? ,\ tp . ot g;% ^,d\ BtN(rr ' @til,f,tft, (b \/-\-/1 \- Jt 4) [n the nrolecuiar orbital nrodel of pyridine, horv ntany n ntolecular orbitals arc there'r' ff' pvridine A)3 Whictr ol thc {ililowing A) 1,2.3 and 4 €l i. 3. and 4 .V,-ra Ll /ano-1 il;, 2,3 and 4 L.,t unly'"i \r&'hich o t' the fblloiving A; l.2,3and4 tiJ l, 3, and 4 f') 2 and 3 I)) 2.3 and 4 E) I and3 <1 ry h { \T i-- rr TJ 'f1 \ r'.
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This note was uploaded on 09/15/2010 for the course SCIENCE 267 taught by Professor Sjdifoa during the Winter '09 term at University of Warsaw.

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200501M - 7O 'cfw_n oi'?0 que.rtionsMondaY Tr&gt;tal 267...

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