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HR_Quiz_Answers - perform the job prior to hiring BUT the...

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HR Quiz Answers 1, No, not a BFOR 2. No, not a BFOR 3. No, not a BFOR 4.This is tricky. Usually this question is not allowed. but some government positions require citizenship by law. Also, some major corporations require citizenship; again it’s the BFOR component 5.Yes, not only can you ask but also you should make sure you ask since you, as an individual and the organization are held responsible and fineable by the Canadian Employment and Immigration Commission. 6. Yes, you can ask someone to take a test to prove they can
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Unformatted text preview: perform the job prior to hiring BUT the test must be applied equally to all applicants. 7. No- can lead to age discrimination 8.No, but you can say “we have a lot of overtime in this position, would you be available to work overtime. 9.Tricky again unless an education components is a BFOR 10 No, can lead to discrimination. Instead you could state the hours and days the job requires the applicant to be at work. 11. ONLY, if this is a BFOR....
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