harriet tubman intro and background

harriet tubman intro and background - Aguiar 1 Lauren...

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Aguiar 1 Lauren Aguiar Mrs. Jackie Losego English 9 27 February 2009 Harriet Tubman “We will be ourselves and free, or die in the attempt. Harriet Tubman was not our great grandmother for nothing” says Alice Walker. Life was very difficult for African Americans during the 1800’s. African Americans, like Harriet Tubman, did not have the rights that white people had. They could not drive, vote, work, or even learn, which made life even harder. Blacks could not drink from the same water fountain as whites, eat in the same restaurant as they did or go to the same restrooms as them. It they disobeyed they would get arrested. Born a slave in Dorchester County, Maryland, Harriet Tubman suffered a great deal, just as many other African Americans did, throughout her childhood. At age 29 Harriet finally accomplished her dream of setting herself and many others free. Harriet Tubman was born in 1820 in Bucktown, Maryland. Her original name is Araminta Ross, but was known as Harriet, her mother’s name, as a child. She served on a Maryland plantation as a field hand and house servant when she was young. She fractured her skull when a supervisor hit her with a two pound weight because she tried to save another slave
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harriet tubman intro and background - Aguiar 1 Lauren...

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