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Physics 1101 Experiment 8 Homework NAME________________________ 1. Find the x- and y-components of momentum of a 2.25-kg object moving at 3.70 m/s at an angle of 120.0 degrees with respect to the positive x-axis. 2. In Eq. (5), show that H g R v pi 2 0 = . Why was R 0 used to calculate this velocity? 3. In this experiment, the force of gravity clearly causes both the projectile and the target to accelerate. We still, however, use this situation as an example of a two-dimensional
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Unformatted text preview: collision where conservation of momentum holds. Explain why this is the case. 4. For a two-dimensional elastic collision, two equations are required to express conservation of momentum, whereas only one equation is required to express conservation of kinetic energy. Explain why this is the case. NOTE: You should answer question 3 in Experiment 8 in the laboratory manual before you come to the laboratory....
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