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1101_EXP_10_HW - elevation of the track 3 For the following...

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NAME____________________________________ Physics 1101 Experiment 10 Homework 1. A block having mass M slides down an inclined plane. The force of friction between the plane and the inclined plane is f , the block's weight is M g , and the normal force is N . Draw a freebody force diagram showing the forces acting on the block. 2. A 6.0 cm high elevation block is placed under one end of a 1.0 m long track. Find the angle of
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Unformatted text preview: elevation of the track. 3. For the following position versus time values, calculate the average velocity for each of the four time intervals. What is the physical meaning of a negative average velocity? Position (m) 1.24 1.57 2.63 2.25 2.00 Time (s) 1.00 1.74 2.33 2.70 3.00 4. You do not need the results of the experiment to do Part 17 on page 69. Carry out the algebra indicated to derive equation (4)....
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