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Physics 1102 Experiment 8 Homework NAME____________________________________________ 1. What is the symbol for a resistor? Draw a circuit diagram for two resistors connected in parallel. 2. Two resistors are connected in series. The current in one resistor is 0.45 A. What is the current in the other resistor? 3. How does one determine if two points are electrically equivalent? 4. An 8.0-volt battery is connected to two resistors.
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Unformatted text preview: The potential difference across one resistor is 4.5 volts. What is the potential difference across the other resistor? NOTE: You should answer questions 1 and 3 in Experiment 8 in the laboratory manual before you come to the laboratory. You should also do Parts 1 3 of Experiment 8 before you come to the laboratory....
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